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March 5, 2010

GET-Set Elite Category

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The GET Power Generator Elite Category

In the past few weeks we had been seeing power shortages in Luzon, in the Visayas, actually throughout the Philippines and particularly here throughout Mindanao.

In response to this power situation which others describe already a power crisis we provide now relief with our GET Generators or GET Gensets… In short the GET-Sets.

For you to make a sound decision and initiate proper comparisons we post here all details on the following few GET Blog entries.

We divide our GET-Sets into 5 different categories:

1.) The Micro Category

(Mobile GET-Sets up to 2500 Watts for minimum requirements)

2.) The Value Category

(Mobile GET-Sets up to 4000 Watts for standard households and small offices)

3.) The Power Category

(Mobile GET-Sets up to 8800 Watts for larger households and larger business establishments)

4.) The Elite Category

(Mobile GET-Sets up to 15625 Watts for households with more appliances and light commercials)

5.) The Industrial Category

(Stationary 3 phase Diesel GET-Sets of 20KVA and above, with sound proved enclosure)

In our fourth entry we would like to introduce the GET-Set Elite Category:

We call this the GET-Set Elite Category for two reasons:

We reach here now really elevated ratings and this superior solution use only highest quality components manufactured and coupled in the U.S.

The following model is the

Portable Power Generator Model Powermate-11000 (U.S. Made)

It is the ultimate solution for demanding contractors, for entire back-ups of larger households and for many light commercial establishments like larger offices or medium sized stores, repair shops, etc, etc, etc…

It has an extremely large gas tank, is driven by a 20HP HONDA (Japan) GX-620 V-Twin OHV gasoline engine, delivers a maximum output of 13750 Watts and starts electrically for your utmost convenience.

It is equipped with a Capacitor Compensation System to stabilize the output voltage, has both 220VAC and 110VAC outlets with control panel and automatic shutdown feature in case of a low engine oil level to protect and to monitor not only your plugged-in appliances but also your GET-Set itself.

It has an additional idle control to achieve perfect fuel economy by decreasing the engine speed when no power is needed plus it is optimized for lowest possible noise developments.

It also has extremely large pneumatic tires for added flexibility and much easier maneuverability.

This version can run already several standard or one much larger Air-Conditioning Unit plus many more of your other appliances, tools, equipment and other necessities in your home or at your business.

The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for Q1-2010 is P 268,000.00

Check out also our new ***GET Online Shop***


A Capacitor Compensation Type Generator has a rotor wound with a field winding that is short-circuited with a diode and a stator wound.

It comes with an output winding that is adapted to cross flux, generated by the field winding to output AC power and with an exciting winding that is disposed at predetermined phase angle with respect to the output winding.

It is short-circuited with a phase advance capacitor and an internal combustion engine that drives the rotor to rotate relative to the stator.

The technology is comprised with an engine speed detector that detects the speed of the engine, an output voltage detector that detects output voltage of the AC power on the output winding, an actuator that changes the engine speed and an actuator controller that controls operation of the actuator in accordance with  a constant voltage operation mode in which the detected engine speed is controlled by a closed loop system to achieve and to maintain the desired speed.

Therefore the detected output voltage becomes the precise desired voltage while in the constant frequency operation mode the detected engine speed is controlled by the same closed loop system to achieve and maintain a certain predetermined speed to the point that the frequency of AC power output winding becomes exactly the desired output frequency.

In simple words, the voltage and the frequency are 100% stabilized with the Capacitor Compensation technology by controlling the engine speed.

Have a special look also at our GET Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) Solution

A complete overview of all our GET-Sets could be seen also in our GET-Set Slideshow
Please find also much much more on the general Power Generator subject in the GET-Genset Files
We recommend particularly the download of our complete GET-Set Catalogue

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

Retrieve our GET Contact Details or send us your E-mail inquiry through the GET Contact Form.

Ralf Wabersich

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