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December 3, 2009

Danfoss FC-202 VLT Aqua Options

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VLT Aqua Application Options

A wide range of integrated water application options can be fitted into the Drive:

Real time clock with battery back-up

General purpose I/O option:

3 digital inputs

2 digital outputs

1 analogue current output

2 analogue voltage inputs

Relay option/cascade controller option:

3 relay outputs

External 24VDC supply option:

24VDC external supply can be connected to supply control and option cards

Brake chopper option:

Connected to an external brake resistor, the brake chopper limits the load on the intermediate circuit in case the motor acts as a generator.

Extended cascade control of up to a total of 6 pumps

Advanced cascade control of up to a total of 8 pumps

Analogue sensor input option with up to 3 temperature sensor

Power options

Danfoss Drives do offer also a wide range of external power options for use together with our Drive in critical networks of applications:

Advanced Harmonic Filters:

For applications where reducing harmonic distortion is critical

dU/dt Filters:

For providing motor insulation protection

Sine Filters (LC Filters)

For noiseless motor and extra low dU/dt

Complementary products

A broad range of Softstarters

Decentral Drive solutions

PC Software


MCT-10 is ideal for commissioning and servicing the Drive including guided programming of cascade controller, real time clock, smart logic controller and preventive maintenance.

The software is available for free; just send us a quick E-mail

VLT Energy Box

This is a comprehensive energy analysis tool which shows the Drives payback time or ROI


This is a harmonics calculation tool

GET the real water expert and GET it done today

Please find also much much more on the general Drive subject in the

GET Drives Category

GET Savings Category

GET Applications Category

GET to know VFD’s Category

It is precisely there where you will find much more information to the general subject plus much more specific referrals to very much related downloads. When you prefer to view directly all the corresponding file folders you may also proceed directly to the FC-200 folder in our

GET Sky Drive Section

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

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Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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