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December 2, 2009

Danfoss FC-202 VLT Aqua Features

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Dedicated Water Features

Auto tuning of the PI Controllers

With auto tuning of the PI controllers, the Drive monitors how the system reacts on corrections made by the Drive and learns from it so that precise and stable operation is achieved quickly.

Gain factors for PI are continuously changed to compensate for changing characteristics of the loads.

This applies to each PI controller in the 4-menu sets individually.

Exact P and I settings at start-up will not be necessary and this lowers the commissioning costs.

Pipe Fill Mode

Enables controlled (closed loop) filling of pipes, Prevents water hammering, bursting of water pipes or blowing off sprinkler heads.
The new pipe fill mode is useable in both vertical and horizontal pipe systems.

This is very useful in all applications where controlled pipe filling is demanded, such as for example in irrigation systems, water supply systems and such alike.

End of Pump Curve

The end of pump curve feature detects breaks and leakages.
The end of curve triggers an alarm, shuts off the pump or performs another programmed action whenever a pump is found running at full speed without creating the desired pressure, a situation that can arise when a pipe breaks or leakages along the lines occur.

Check Valve Ramp

The check valve ramp prevents water hammering as the pump stops and the check valve closes.
The check valve ramp slowly ramps down the pump speed around the valve where the check valve ball is about to shut.

Dry Pump Protection

The dry pump protection lowers maintenance costs.
The VLT Aqua Drive constantly evaluates the condition of the pump, based on internal frequency/power measurements.

In case of a too low power consumption, indicating a no or a low flow situation, the VLT Aqua Drive will simply stop in order to prevent any damages on he equipment.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode keeps pump wear, tear and power consumption to an absolute minimum.
In low flow situations, the pump will boost the system pressure and then stop.
Monitoring the pressure, the VLT Aqua Drive will restart when the pressure falls below the required level.

Flow Compensation

The flow compensation feature in VLT Aqua Drives exploits the fact that flow resistance decreases with educed flow.
The pressure set point is accordingly reduced, which in return saves again a lot of energy.

Initial/Final Ramp

The initial ramp provides fast acceleration of pumps to minimum speed, from where the normal ramp then takes over.
This prevents damages to the thrust bearings on the pump. The final ramp decelerates pumps from the minimum speed right down to the stop.

Sensorless Pressure

Sensorless Pressure or Flow Control or flow control is a patented VLT feature that allows pump manufacturers to control the constant head (pressure) or flow levels without the use of any additional external sensors whatsoever.
The cost and time of installing such devices, cabling and maintaining pressure are completely eliminated.
Reliability is also boosted as no additional components or connections can cause possible malfunction.

Payback Time Indication

One of the major reasons for applying a VLT Aqua Drive is the very short payback or return of investment time (ROI) due to very considerable energy savings plus of course the mechanical savings and reduced downtimes due to the much longer maintenance intervals.
The VLT Aqua Drive comes with a unique feature which continuously shows the remaining payback time for the initial investment, now that is quite something, isn’t it?

Motor Alternation

This built-in logic controls alternation between two pumps in duty/standby applications.
Motion of the standby pump prevents sticking of the pump. An internal timer assures equal usage of both pumps.
With an option card it is possible to control alternations between up to 8 pumps, now that is another WOW feature, right?

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