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November 10, 2009

Danfoss FC-202 VLT Aqua Drive Modules

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The modular FC-202 VLT Aqua Drive

Extremely compact panel mount cabinets

The IP20 enclosure has two individually controlled fans for maximum reliability.

Only a minimum of cooling air passes the electronic components which increases the lifetime.

The aluminum front hinged door ensures easy access to additional I/O options and control wirings.

The IP21 / Type 1 protection can be delivered as a kit solution or as a specific IP21 Drive with easy access plastic cover with snap locks.

Extremely robust cabinets for very harsh environments

The Danfoss IP55 / Nema 12 or IP66 enclosures are designed for use in very harsh environments with gas pollution, water issues and dust surroundings. The electronics are completely separated from the cooling air in order to increase the lifetime.

All terminals and EMC connections are located inside the Drive under the robust metal cover for maximum protection.

If ordered as IP66 the heat sink is protected against corrosion (IP66 rating is available up to 90KW/125HP).

1.) Fieldbus option

Mobus RTU (std.)




Profinet to come

2.) Local Control Panel (LCP)

Choose numerical, graphical or no display at all

3.) I/O option

General purpose I/O (3DI + 2AI + 2DO + 1AO)

Cascade controller (6 or 8 pumps)

Sensor input (3 X PT100/1000 + 1AI)

Relay output (3 x relays)

4.) 24V supply option

5.) RFI Filter

Built-in RFI Filter for long motor cables according to the IEC 61800-3 and EN 55011 standards

6.) AC mains disconnect (factory mounted option)

7.) Input mains option

Various input plate configurations are available including fuses, mains switch (disconnect) or RFI Filter.

Input plates are field adaptable if options need to be added after installation.

8.) Coated PCB’s

Durable in aggressive environments

In water and wastewater applications it is often recommended to protect the Drive with coated PCB’s.

As standard the VLT Aqua Drive complies with level 3C2 according to IEC 60721-3-3.

Protection level 3C3 is optionally delivered from the factory.

This option protects significantly better against chlorine, hydrogen, sulphide, ammonia and other gasses.

9.) Unique cooling concept

No ambient airflow over electronics up to 90KW/125HP

Above 90KW/125HP designed with back channel cooling (85% heat dissipated via back channel)

10.) Advance cascade controller option controls up to 8 pumps

VLT quality up to 1.2MW

The VLT Aqua Drive is available from 0.25KW to 1.2MW.

Drive experience since 1968 lies behind the clever design of VLT Drives.

All enclosures are mechanically designed with focus on:


Easy access and installation

Intelligent cooling

High ambient temperatures

From 0.25KW to 90KW/125HP the VLT Aqua Drive is available in IP00, in IP21 / Nema 1 and in IP54 / Nema 12 enclosure ratings.

The broad enclosure protection range makes VLT Aqua Drive the perfect choice for all water, wastewater and irrigation applications.

All VLT Aqua Drives share technology, user interface and basic features with the rest of the new VLT generation to assure well documented and proven quality.

The modular design of the VLT Aqua Drive allows even highly customized Drives to be mass produced and factory tested at an amazingly low acquisition price.

Plug and play options make upgrading easy and ensure utmost flexibility.

DC coils reduce harmonic noise and protect he Drive

Remote access via Fieldbus and USB cable is available.

VLT Set-up software MCT-10 gives intuitive access to all parameters and has scope features with graphs showing feedback, current, frequency, etc for easy fault finding and documentation.

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