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November 5, 2009

Danfoss FC-51 VLT Micro Specifications

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VLT Micro Specifications

Mains Supply (L1, L2, L3)

Supply Voltage 1 X 200 – 240VAC +/- 10%
Supply Voltage 3 X 200 – 240VAC +/- 10%
Supply Voltage 3 X 380 – 480VAC +/- 10%

Output Data (U, V, W)

Output Voltage 0 – 100% of supply voltage
Output Frequency 0 – 200Hz in WC+ mode
Output Frequency 0 – 400Hz in U/f mode
Switching on output Unlimited
Ramp Times 0.05 – 3600 seconds

Digital Inputs

Programmable Inputs 5
Logic PNP or NPN
Voltage Level 0 – 24VDC
Maximum voltage on input 28VDC
Input Resistance Ri Approximately 4kΩ

Pulse Inputs

Programmable Pulse Inputs 1
Voltage Level 0 – 24VDC (PNP positive logic)
Pulse Input Accuracy (0.1 – 110kHz) Maximum error: 0.1% of full scale
Pulse Input Frequency 20 – 5000Hz

Analogue Inputs

Analogue Inputs 2
Modes 1 current / 1 voltage or current
Voltage Level 0 – 10V (scalable)
Current Level 0 / 4 (scalable)

Analogue Outputs

Programmable Analogue Outputs 1
Current range at analogue output 0/4 – 20 mA
Maximum load to common at analogue output 500 Ω
Accuracy on analogue output Maximum error: 0.1% of full scale

On-Board Power Supply

Output Voltage 10.5 +/- 0.5VDC
Maximum Load (10VDC) 15mA
Maximum Load (24VDC) 130mA

Relay Outputs

Programmable Relay Outputs 1
Maximum Terminal Load 240VAC, 2A

Cable Lengths

Maximum motor cable length

With screened (shielded) cables

Maximum motor cable length

With unscreened (unshielded) cables


Surroundings / External

Enclosure Rating IP20
VibrationTest 0.7g
Maximum Relative Humidity 5% – 95% (IEC721-3-3);

Class 3K3 Non- condensingduring operation

Aggressive Environment (IEC 721-3-3); coated class 3C3
Ambient Temperature Maximum of 50 degrees Celsius
24 hours Average Maximum of 40 degrees Celsius

Protection and features:

Electronic thermal motor protection against overload

Temperature monitoring of the heat sink protects the Drive from overheating

The Drive is protected against short circuits on motor terminals U, V, W

The Drive is protected against earth fault on motor terminals U, V, W

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