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November 4, 2009

Danfoss FC-51 VLT Micro Drive Design & Quality

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Compact design and uncompromising quality

Ensured reliability and maximum up-time

Real space saving side-by-side

A compact book style design allows real side by side
mounting without rerating

Minimum penetration of dust

VLT Micro Drive FC-51 is designed to keep the forced ventilation
away from the electronics. Printed Circuit Boards are well protected inside the
Drive plus they are even silicon coated to make double sure that no conductive
materials can cause harm.

Built-in RFI

Radio disturbance or frequency disturbance for example from
motor cables is limited with the already built-in RFI Filter which allows a screened
motor cable run of 15 meters and meets the strict EU norms.

Built-in brake functions

With already built-in DC and AC brake functions the VLT Micro
Drive FC-51 can transform kinetic energy in the application into braking power
to slow down the motor. A brake chopper is built-in to the Drives from
1.5KW/2HP upwards.

Designed for reliability in industrial applications

Coated electronics are standard

All VLT Micro Drives come with coated electronics for longer
lifetime and reliability.

Energy efficiency 98%

High quality VLT power modules ensure cool running of the
Drive due to extremely low losses.

Intelligent heat management

Process heat is removed through the heat sink, leaving
electronics protected from dust and dirt from production and environment.

Effective heat sink

An effective heat sink easily removes heat from the
electronics, extending even further the aforementioned lifetime and reliability
of the Drive.

50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature

Highly efficient cooling allows up to 50 degrees ambient
temperature without rerating.


The VLT Micro Drive with its Quick Menu is so simple to
operate, just connect the motor and power cables, turn the built-in control
knob and watch the motor speed changing already.

GET it done the simple way… GET it done today.

Please find also much much more on the general Drive subject in the

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Ralf Wabersich

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