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July 5, 2009

FC-301 and FC-302 advantage

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FC-302 offers a wide range of advanced features

One wire safety:

The VLT Automation Drive FC-302 comes standard with safe stop functionality suitable for category 3 installations as defined by EN 954-1 and SIL 2/IEC 61508. This feature prevents a Drive from starting accidentally and this is crucial for applications where preventing unintended starts are of vital importance.

The FC-302 terminal 37 can be used as so called “safe coast” for this particular purpose and this stop function satisfies also stop category EN 60204-1.

Expensive and bulky external components can be omitted, wiring can be simplified and down-time can be minimized with this solution and the safety signals can be transferred via discrete signals wiring (in compact machinery) or safe bus communication (in extended manufacturing plants)

Thev coupling of Pilz safety relay and VLT Automation Drive is perfect for safety category 3 applications. This electrical connection is extremely simple… just one wire.

VLT Automation Drive is approved for providing safe stop in category 3 installations without the need for feedback signals from the Drive to the safety relay.

When torque is the issue:

In all electric motors the torque required to accelerate and decelerate and application varies with the load and in certain applications the torque varies even for more than one reason. Torque mode with a very high precision torque control is needed then.

Taking for example winding operations it is essential to fully control the tension of the material being wound. To maintain tangential tension independently of the line speed and roll diameter the Drive is very much able to follow a wide range of torque references.

Another possible application coming into my mind would be probably in a bottling plant where the bottle cap should be neither too loose so that contents will be not spoiled or lost, nor should it be too tight to avoid damages on the cap or the bottle itself and when we start to think about it we might encounter very easy many other such torque sensitive operations where a precise torque control would be essential.

Increased Voltage ranges:

VLT Automation Drive FC-302 comes in 200-240VAC and in 380-500VAC (plus/minus additional tolerances to both sides) which is another important and interesting advantage, especially here in the Philippines and probably even more particularly here in Mindanao where the Voltage is known to vary at times actually not exactly without significance and damaged equipments could be the result.

VLT Automation Drive FC-302 comes also in 600 to 690VAC series, specially relevant for heavy industries like chemistry, water and gas supply, mining and forestry. The 690VAC versions go from 11KW up to 1.2MW.

Encoder check:

The Drive will automatically check and verify if an encoder is working well or malfunctioning and the feedback from the encoder is compared with a calculated speed.

VLT Automation Drive FC-302 runs permanent magnet motors:

The Danfoss VLT Automation Drive FC-302 exploits full potential of permanent magnet motors in high dynamic applications. Fast processors enable it to precisely control position, acceleration and torque.

Closure for this post:

In earlier blog entries we did include already quite a variety of downloadable links to brochures, catalogues, manuals, overviews, presentations, videos, etc, etc, etc but here we decided to leave the sheets more clean in order not to spoil the message.

However, we would still highly recommend to read as well our

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It is precisely there where you will find much more information to the general subject plus much more specific referrals to very much related downloads. When you prefer to view directly all the corresponding file folders you may also proceed directly to the FC-300 folder in our

GET Sky Drive Section

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

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Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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