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June 3, 2009

FC-301 and FC-301 accuracy

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Reliable accurate load handling

The VLT Automation Drive FC-300 series estimates motor currents generated by actual loads and compensates to make for example a crane or a motor in any application start and stop smoothly just wherever it should. Other examples for such precise positioning could be hoists or elevators, etc, etc, etc.

Gentle on goods and brakes

When stopped in our above described application sample the VLT Automation Drive will slow a hoist to zero before possibly activating a mechanical brake. This results in gentler handling and virtually eliminates wear on the brakes.

Not sure if this particular situation is explained illustrative enough to see the picture but it should show how sensitive, how versatile, how functional, how powerful, how precise and how flexible and adaptable this Drive is.


Low torque ripple gives smooth operation.

Full holding torque capability at 0 RPM (zero speed) gives a smooth ride and reduces mechanical wear on gears and brakes.

This means less maintenance and more production uptime.

Kinetic backup

The VLT Automation Drive can utilize power generated from the kinetic energy for controlled ramp down in case of power loss. The application is ready for quick restart when the power returns. Additionally it could even ensure an uninterrupted operation when we experience one of these split second outages which often occur in parts of the Philippines.

IP55 for harsh environments

IP66 for wash down areas

All VLT Automation Drive versions have manganic phosphor rear bodies. The back of the IP66 rated enclosure is even dip coated with epoxy polyester spray finish (60 to 100 µm) while the cover is powder coated (80 to 100 µm).

The IP66 enclosed Drives are suited for installations outdoor and in wash down areas.

The silicone gasket is tested with different detergents so the Drives withstand the harsh industrial cleaning agents, prevalent especially in the food and beverage industries.

Closure for this post:

In earlier blog entries we did include already quite a variety of downloadable links to brochures, catalogues, manuals, overviews, presentations, videos, etc, etc, etc but here we decided to leave the sheets more clean in order not to spoil the message.

However, we would still highly recommend to read as well our

GET Drives Category

GET Savings Category

GET Applications Category

GET to know VFD’s Category

It is precisely there where you will find much more information to the general subject plus much more specific referrals to very much related downloads. When you prefer to view directly all the corresponding file folders you may also proceed directly to the FC-300 folder in our

GET Sky Drive Section

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

Retrieve our GET Contact Details or send us your E-mail inquiry through the GET Contact Form.

Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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