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May 4, 2009

FC-301 and FC-302 general concepts

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Just one Drive to run a complete production line

The VLT Automation Drive FC-300 is a single Drive concept that controls all operations from standard to servo motors on any machine or production line. The standard versions cover a wide range of functions such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) functionality, automatic fine tuning of motor control and self analysis of performance.

Positioning or synchronizing and even servo performance are available too. All versions share an identical user interface, so once you have operated one Drive you can definitely use them all.

Add flexibility to precision:

The new VLT Automation drive lets you alter production speed without rebuilding the conveyor. The precise pulse stop feature ensures that products always are where they should be on the line.

Speed up or slow the entire line:

Production speed can be changed at any time, even if the application involves several sections. The precise pulse reference feature makes the conveyors follow the encoder from master conveyor or virtual master Drive, effectively ensuring that all conveyors are completely synchronized.


The conveyor can be stopped at a precise location using an open loop system independent of production speed.

Precise pulse stop compensates for the speed of the object when it passes the stop sensor. This results into a precise stop, regardless of production speed.

Built-in smart logic controller:

The smart logic controller is a simple but very clever way to keep your Drive, motor and application working together.

The controller monitors a specific event. When an event occurs, the controller triggers a specified act and starts monitoring the next event, continuing for up to 20 (twenty!) steps before returning again to step one.

The smart logic controller is able to monitor any parameter that can be defined as “true” or “false”. This includes digital commands but also logic expressions, allowing even sensor outputs to influence the operation.

Temperature, pressure, torque, flow, time, load, frequency, voltage and other parameters combined with the operators “>” and “<” and “=” and “and” and “or” forms logical statements.

This is exactly why Danfoss calls it a “logic controller” and it is why you can program the controller to react to almost any event you choose.

VLT motion control option:

The motion control option MCO-305 is an integrated programmable motion controller. It adds even more functionality and flexibility to the Drives.

With the motion control option the VLT Automation Drive FC-300 becomes an intelligent Drive, featuring highly accurate, dynamic motion control, synchronization (electronic shaft) or positioning and electronic cam control.

Programmability lets you implement a variety of application functions such as monitoring and intelligent error handling.

Dedicated options:

More special options are available with the VLT synchronizing controller, VLT positioning controller and VLT center winder. They are all pre-programmed for these specific tasks.

Closure for this post:

In earlier blog entries we did include already quite a variety of downloadable links to brochures, catalogues, manuals, overviews, presentations, videos, etc, etc, etc but here we decided to leave the sheets more clean in order not to spoil the message.

However, we would still highly recommend to read as well our

GET Drives Category

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GET Applications Category

GET to know VFD’s Category

It is precisely there where you will find much more information to the general subject plus much more specific referrals to very much related downloads. When you prefer to view directly all the corresponding file folders you may also proceed directly to the FC-300 folder in our

GET Sky Drive Section

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

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Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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