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May 4, 2009

FC-301 and FC-301 LCP

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Award winning control panel

Just as important as the Drive itself is also something we often forget to think about because to some ears it simply sounds too banal but when we begin to contemplate it gets very clear that the local control panel (LCP) sometimes also referred to as the keypad or the display panel plays a very vital role.

Not only for the initial commissioning but of course also for the very operations and probably even most importantly during the critical times of some possible trouble shooting activities.

The phone rings in the maintenance department… It is the boss and he is very excited to see the engineers on site because the production halted. Oh my goodness, where is the manual of that XXX brand Drive? …I looked for it already the last time but couldn’t find it… I am sure you can see the picture…

… you got to go, the boss is waiting, no time to be wasted… here we go… we see now that XXX brand Drive tripped because of fault “C4”… WOW, great… so what? C4, maybe the Drive is about to explode? C4… isn’t that also an explosive?…

… We are lucky because another operator seems to remember… it is unconfirmed but he says: Engineer, I think C4 was a current overload last time…

… Not sure if the guy recalls his memory correctly but even so… what next? How to enter the menu, where can we find the settings for the current limits and other parameters to check on?…

Now I think this sample drama makes the problem quite clear already… XXX brand Drives do need manuals or magicians in order to be troubleshot and it is exactly here where Danfoss differs again because the display unit really “speaks” to you, it tells you in plain English (or another selected) language what the problem is and you simply scroll through the menu as easy and as simple as we do it every day for example with our mobile phones. In case of any questions to a certain parameter you simply hit the “info” button, really as easy as 1-2-3.

Further noteworthy features of this one of a kind display unit are:

Graphical display:

International letters and signs

Showing bars and graphs

Easy overview

Possible to select 28 languages

“IF” awarded design

Other benefits:

Removable during operation

Up- and download functionality

IP65 rating when mounted in a panel door

Up to 5 different variables visible at a time

Manual speed and torque setting


Relevant buttons are illuminated when active

Menu structure:

Based on the well known Matrix system in today’s VLT Drives

Easy shortcuts for the experienced user

Edit and operate in different setups simultaneously to avoid downtime

Quick menus:

A Danfoss designed quick menu

A personal defined quick menu

A changes made menu lists the parameters unique for your application

A function setup menu provides quick and easy setup for specific applications

A logging menu provides also access to operation history

New buttons:

Info (“on board manual”… yes, the Drive “speaks” to you!

Cancel (“undo”)

Alarm log (quick access)

LCP panel mounting kit:

The kit lets you mount the LCP in a IP65 cabinet front

Closure for this post:

In earlier blog entries we did include already quite a variety of downloadable links to brochures, catalogues, manuals, overviews, presentations, videos, etc, etc, etc but here we decided to leave the sheets more clean in order not to spoil the message.

However, we would still highly recommend to read as well our

GET Drives Category

GET Savings Category

GET Applications Category

GET to know VFD’s Category

It is precisely there where you will find much more information to the general subject plus much more specific referrals to very much related downloads. When you prefer to view directly all the corresponding file folders you may also proceed directly to the FC-300 folder in our

GET Sky Drive Section

We certainly do hope that you enjoyed again the read and that you stay with us for more upcoming technical reading pleasure.

Retrieve our GET Contact Details or send us your E-mail inquiry through the GET Contact Form.

Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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