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February 18, 2009

More about VFD’s

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More about Variable Frequency Drives but why Danfoss?

In our first technical blog entry a few days ago we spoke already in the category GET Savings about some of the benefits of Variable Frequency Drives or in short VFD’s and aside from the utmost flexibilities at minimal space, full control and protection, reliable performance and safety features we found out together with the support of a very relevant presentation that we can save indeed a lot and I mean really a lot, not only in terms of energy but also in other maintenance and operation expenses.

The return of such an investment, or ROI, is usually achieved after 12 to 18 months already, depending on the particular model selected, the type of application and of course the average runtime and this is actually also about the warranty period granted to such a unit, one whole year that is to be exact… Another too good to be true? Again, it is good and it is true.

OK, now we know that VFD’s are great stuff but why should we GET Danfoss and no other brand?

The reasons here are as versatile as our products itself and while we will surely go more into product details as we progress I believe this is a very good opportunity already to highlight just a few general Danfoss features such as for example:

1.) Its user-friendlyness with an awardwinning control panel:

This key pad was actually created by a Nokia designer and equipped with a very intuitive parameter structure, so the programming and scrolling trough the menus can be truly compared to the rather simple handling a cell phone, meaning something we actually all do on a daily basis and are more than familiar with.

Our so called Quick Menu, an ideal short menu version for regular standard applications makes the commissioning even additionally easier, faster and safer with very minimal to non manual reading required.

2.) Its exceptional and remarkable quality and reliability:

Danfoss uses only highest quality components and genuine VLT solutions, two of the very reasons why our products are certified with ISO 9001 standard.

All models use an intelligent heat management which removes the process heat through a very effective heat sink or through forced convection cooling wherein a fan blows cold air through the cooling ribs of the aluminium base.

This systems are highly efficient and allow operations at an ambient temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius but this systems also leave the electronic parts protected from dust and dirt because no air flows through its compartments.

Now this is only one of our ways to protect the electronics of your Danfoss Drives but this is not all, we do more because all our models come with silicon coated circuit boards.

Yes, that is right, all electronics are coated already as standard, meaning those little dust particals which can possibly still come in over a longer period of time could even in combination with tropical moist from our natural humid environment, hence the lifespan of all our products is dramatically increased and this is exactly what all our customers do confirm just as well.

Throughout the years we have really observed that Danfoss simply outlasts other available brands in our area and our satisfied customers know why they GET the VFD’s from GET.

3.) Its noteworthy high performance:

Danfoss Drives are all designed to perform perfectly even in rather complex application set-ups. A huge number of parameters in the advanced mode can be set to optimize the energy efficiency for example with the built in Automatic Energy Optimizer or AEO.

To optimize the operation itself we have as another example a build in Process PI Controller and Smart logic Controller which could eliminate the very need of any external controller or make an additional Programmable Logic Controller or PLC ommissible, that’s how smart our Drives nowadays really are, we offer only the latest technology in our product range.

Built in Electronic Thermal relays or ETR’s replace the conventional external motor protection, other features to be mentioned are Torque Boost, Automatic Motor Adaption or AMA for less energy consumption, Flying Start with which you could even catch an already or still spinning motor for a lean operation and more uptime,.

RFI filters at the input and the output to eliminate emission and to achieve immunity and both sided Harmonic Filers, Kinetic Backup, Dynamic Braking, Sinewave Filters, various Serial Communication features, completely water and dust proofed rated enclosures, etc, etc, etc… the list is long but eventually we will come to all of that.

For the meantime I have prepared here some more general Facts about Drives and a quick VFD Overview for you guys and I hope you enjoy the reading.

VFD’s can really do much more than commonly known and really do deserve to be studdied more, they are truly a vital component in all of your automation requirements.

However, and also here we will definitely still dig much deeper into the issue but I would like to mention already today that we also carry Danfoss Softstarters, a perfect replacement to the conventional Star-Delta setup which requires at least 3 well rated contactors and if not completely manually operated also an additional timer plus of course overload relays, other desired protective devices and possible control gadgets.

All of this belongs to the past and the proper solution here would be a good Danfoss Softstarter. I prepared also here already some general views on the matter in this Softstarter Presentation.

Have a great day!

Ralf Wabersich

Gingoog Electric Trading (G.E.T.)


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